Polar Forces

All life lies in the movement resulting from the clash between two polar forces, love and conflict.


You touch gloves, you punch each other, you hug at the end of a fight.

As boxers, in the ring, we engage in agreed upon conflict.  We push our bodies and minds to our discomfort limits.

In life, we will go the other direction– as far as stifling our voices, our feelings, our very beliefs to avoid conflict.

I’m beginning to realize the power another person has when they insist on avoiding discomfort.  They can tap into our desire to keep things comfortable.  They use tactics like silence, avoidance, exclusion and a multitude of other skills and we agree to the more comfortable, non conflctual rhythm.

In the ring avoidance doesn’t work.  If you avoid discomfort, it’s usually a violation of the rules and you are penalized or the fight stops.  You can’t turn your back, walk away or other maneuvers that might work in life.

The more time I spend running this gym and observing boxers (recreational and competitive) the more I love the language of boxing.  I love the way it transfers over to daily activities.  I love the way discomfort training enables a person to grow spiritually, emotionally and physically.

If you want to grow, embrace discomfort…..take little breaks for comfort then get right back to it.  And if you want a community of people who are willing to go the distance with you, box!




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