The Truth

I’m certain that I was drawn to boxing because it makes you face the truth.  I am driven by the truth.  I am driven to know more about myself, and more about my peers.  I am driven to uncover the deep stuff within us that drives our perceptions, decisions and actions.

I remember being a kid enraged by perceived hypocrisy.  I would see adults around me saying one thing and doing something entirely different.  I felt like smashing things, but then that seemed so ineffective and it never addressed or solved the lack of truth.

I then spent a couple decades thinking I was better than everyone else….blaming them for their stupidity and their lie telling.  The fact of the matter was, it was me who was lying.  Lying to myself.  I was angry, hurt, and uncertain who I was.  I was so far away from facing myself and far more convenient to be angry at others.

Sport helped me to direct my emotions and give me stability so I could settle down and have an outlet for my anger.  It took me almost another two decades and boxing to really start facing all the things that were driving me from down deep.

Boxing is not comfortable by any means.  It forces you to align your physicality, emotions and psyche.  In boxing just like life, you can get away with misalignment for awhile, but then, the match that makes you face yourself comes along.  It is how you go through and come out of this type of match that I am most interested in……it is where the truth lives and where we really can be set free.



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