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One of my most favorite Facebook pages is Brain Pickings.  Today’s blog is inspired by it and the work of David Bohm and monk Matthieu Ricard.


Reality is what we take to be true

What we take to be true is what we believe

What we believe is based on our perceptions


What we look for depends on what we think

What we think depends on what we perceive

What we perceive determines what we believe

What we believe determines what we take to be true

What we take to be true is our reality

-David Bohm

Many times we aren’t aware of what we are truly looking for.  We may think we are looking for praise, when in fact we are really looking for our feelings of failure to be solidified.

The boxing ring exposes our deepest perceptions and focuses in the most physical display imaginable.

A person may come to the sport initially thinking she/he is going to better all that is wrong in their life, to get away from the parts that are undesirable.  But once inside the ropes, adrenaline and animal instinct cut through all our facades, exposing our rawest nature.

Boxing is a sport of ultimate emotional intelligence and physical aptitude.  It’s a sport that makes you meet your inner most demons and gives you the opportunity to make peace with yourself.

While boxing fitness is truly a training for everyone, competition and sparring are not.  You must be really willing to go to extreme levels of vulnerability, to be really ready to learn what you are really seeking.  If you are ready, the rewards will be far greater than you could imagine.


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