The never ending PHD

Being a coach is like being a perpetual student.  I’ve done a ton of thesis work in theory and practice.  I’m always learning to stay ahead of the boxers I coach, to push myself and stay interested.  I’m always learning to keep my initial passion for the sport alive.  I’m always testing training methods and techniques.

There is never a finish line and I’ve come to like that so much that I want that mentality more in my outside ring life.  There is no finish line.

I think I used to be obsessed with the finish line mentality.  I had to have a skill and do it perfect immediately.  Tension took over, making it harder to reach my goal.  I would try harder and create more tension, continually stuck in this cycle.

Recently I’ve gotten more appreciation for slowing down.  For breaking down an entire movement into smaller movements.  Doing this a few times then doing the movement at pace works so much better.  Learning happens at a faster rate and the body keeps the technique more often.  Better results, less stress, more enjoyment.

I’ll continue to question my methods, to question my efficacy and this will make my job as a gym owner and coach much more beneficial to others.  You don’t need a finish line to stay away from complacency, you need a sincere desire to learn and be interested in how you and others around you learn.





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