Not knowing

Not knowing is awful.  It takes over your mind with scenarios and certain uncertainties.  Not knowing allows your imagination to create realities that are not necessarily true…to start to believe every thought you have made up.

Every coach and boxer goes through this not knowing.  I am of the opinion that people who learn to be aware versus trying to shut off or stop these thoughts tend to have better learning experiences.

I am going through a particularly intense phase of not knowing.  When I try to shut it off, shut it down, I feel heavy, stunned, walking around in a daze.  When I notice my thoughts, feel the different emotions and just acknowledge them, things don’t necessarily seem better and I don’t have satisfying answers but I do feel,lighter, relieved and more relaxed.  More prepared to accept the challenges before me.

Just allowing for a space to be uncertain, to feel scared of the unknown is markedly easier than the energy it takes to avoid those feelings.

I work with a self awareness coach weekly so I can be of better service as a coach.  So I can grow.  I sometimes dread this weekly venture, but afterward I always have a fresh perspective, an understanding and allowance for my own experience which in turn helps me to make room for others to have their own experience.

When you have a gym full of folks getting more aware and interested in themselves, that creates a powerful community.

As I was told in my self awareness work this week, “Within a structure of love, and acceptance, you can feel anything.”

Boxing is the perfect vehicle to have this experience in…


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