Sometimes I sit in the gym when it’s quiet.  Just me, the dogs and this blog.  I’ll have so much to say but I’m not certain how to say it or how to organize the scrambled thoughts into organized and sensible sentences.  So, I turn to podcasts, articles or conversations with others.  Finally, something will click and the words will come out.  Here you go….

I’ve been thinking about how to help boxers reveal their boxing style to themselves within the structure of good fundamentals.  How do I make sure they learn good footwork basics, hands up, punch delivery and return while honoring their expression?  How do I guide the way for them to discover themselves?  How do I find more of myself?  I can’t get away from it….the only way to improve is to be uncomfortable.  To do boring basics repeatedly.

I want to model the struggle to sit in discomfort.  I want to model the rewards one gets from sitting in the face of discomfort.  It’s a daily challenge, heck it’s a minute by minute challenge.  I feel like ending discomfort each step I take.  I understand in others the difficulty to face uncomfortable things, but I’m having a harder and harder time understanding not going for it anyway.

The rewards and confidence you get from sitting in discomfort, from sitting in the truth versus avoiding it are immeasurable.  You get this internal knowing that you are strong enough, flexible enough and resilient.

You must repeatedly live in discomfort so you realize, you won’t break, everyone won’t leave you and there are worlds and worlds of opportunity out there beyond anything we can imagine.

Your threshold for discomfort will increase, just like lifting weights or increasing cardio through repetition and consistent training.

It’s equally important to get rests in places of comfort so the body, mind and emotions can integrate all that you have learned.

In essence, the best way to find your style and expression is to watch yourself, your behaviors and learn.  To be ok with all you discover.  If you don’t like something, learn how you got there and make a different decision in your next opportunity.  This life is a huge experiment to be lived fully.  In the end, I want to have fully emptied myself because I’ve shared and passed on everything I’ve learned.  I want to keep surrounding myself by others who do the same in their own ways.  I’m thrilled to say I have that experience here at Arcaro Boxing.



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