Here we go

I just got back after a few days away from the gym.  It felt amazing to step away and leave business in the hands of others.  I’m grateful for the ability to get away and not have to worry about a thing.  From those teaching classes to those taking them, there is a strong sense of community and pride in the way the gym runs.

Now, it’s buckle down time.  The amateur team is going to be busy competing from now till June.  There are currently 6 competing and 16 in the wings training to reach competition level.  This Saturday will kick off the run of matches ahead.  You can like the Arcaro Facebook page to stay up on all of our events.  There is usually a large contingency of Arcaro gym members out in support of the team.  We are also in search of Queen’s pro debut and will announce once we sign a fight contract.

We started two new classes!  One is KO Parkinson’s.  It’s a boxing fitness class for those affected by Parkinson’s.

We also have a special Saturday boxing fitness class for folks 55 years and older.

We always strive to have good boxing fundamentals as the base for all of our classes.  We want you to learn effective skills for in and out of the gym.  Most of all we want you to have fun learning and expressing yourself while obtaining a higher fitness level.


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