KO Parkinson’s Debut March 3rd!

You may have noticed a unique community punching the bags and practicing their footwork alongside fitness, recreational, and competitive boxers. They are members battling Parkinson’s Disease through boxing. We’ve enjoyed the energy they bring to the gym, and it’s been especially exciting to see the great strides in coordination and overall fitness they’ve made through their training.

There’s notable evidence that movement – dancing, tai chi, or boxing – can have long and short term positive effects for Parkinson’s patients, improving existing symptoms and slowing the disease’s progression.

We’re used to getting a few double-takes when talking about boxing and Parkinson’s, but we know without any doubt that boxing offers something for everyone. Anyone who walks through our doors does so with a desire for a challenge and personal growth, with a readiness to be pushed, however gently, to the bounds of their comfort zones. Boxing, in turn, is a sport that welcomes us, fortifies us, and grounds us in meeting those challenges. We can’t help but get stronger through the very acts of repetition, staying present, and studying how our minds and bodies work to practice and perfect totally new skills. Boxing is liberating because it’s unlike any other activity we might push ourselves to do. It’s a discipline that promotes incredible freedom.

The coaches, teammates, and gym members at Arcaro Boxing believe in meeting you where you are. You might be about to throw your first punch, or the next of many thousands; maybe it’s been years since you’ve picked up a jump rope, or maybe you’re not ready to jump rope at all. This community understands that every day and every three minute boxing round is unique, and we’re building a network of people who support each other and learn from one another’s obstacles and successes.

Arcaro Boxing Gym is inspired to continue holding classes introducing people with Parkinson’s to the sweet science. We are eager to invite new boxers at all levels.

We are launching KO Parkinson’s Boxing Fitness Program Thursday March 3rd at 4:00pm. Coach Richard “OG” Wells will be at the helm with many volunteers, MTI Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapist, Jessica Bragg.

Click on KO Parkinson’s to find out how to participate!


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