Community Thoughts

There is this overwhelming gratitude growing in the gym.  It is palpable.  When you walk through the door of this gym, there is this beautiful dichotomy of individual and group.

Your gender, class, heritage, past, present and future all disappear as boxer emerges.  Then, somehow by it disappearing, the art of boxing training allows every classification to emerge without it being at the expense of others.

When I box and coach, I am Italian, female, Caucasian, gay, over 40 and at the same time, I am none of those classifications.

Boxing equalizes and allows for expression.  Boxing teaches you how to stand alone and have corner support.  It’s this paradox of independence and dependence that drives the experience in the gym and binds all the many communities into one.  Boxing gives you autonomy without shutting others out.

This gym has become a beautiful space for all of us to expose ourselves, call each other out on our discrepancies and to be supported in our growth.

The hounds and coaches thank all of you for participating!



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