Nothing happens in a minute

The biggest and most important skill I have gotten from boxing, is the ability to be interested in myself and to stay in learning mode while I’m experiencing great levels of discomfort.

I used to feel this frantic desire to be better immediately, to shed all that I thought was wrong with me.  To obliterate what I thought was undesirable and to cling to the hope of potential.

The repetition and patience that boxing training requires forced me to face myself… skills… forced me to face everything in life I was trying to avoid.  It forced me to face the apologetic life I was living.

Boxing set me free to see the beauty in learning, the beauty in practice, the beauty in coming up short, refining and going at it again.

Boxing crosses all barriers.  It is applicable to business, relationships and all interactions we encounter with ourselves and others.

I ask my boxers to show up and train, to work on some bit of feedback I’ve given them until they can feel and perfect the skill they are challenged by……it’s a seemingly very solitary process.  But if they join with their teammates and others in the gym who are also following the process, the entire experience becomes a powerful collective effort.  The energy created from this discipline and focus results in a contagious motivation that is steady and strong and skill changing.

Our style of training is not for everyone, but it is for those ready to take on their self with the support of a community and the greatest sport on earth!





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  1. “Pain is the touchstone of all growth growth.” Bill Wilson

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