So Many Styles

There are many styles and techniques in boxing.  As many ways as there are to express ourselves, there are ways to box.  All styles have the same fundamentals as a foundation.

The coaches at Arcaro firmly believe in a strong fundamental base so expression can live up to its fullest potential.  Fundamentals involve good balance, good footwork, efficient punch delivery and return, relaxed strength, calmness under pressure, head movement, trunk rotation and many other skills.

In 2016 we will again emphasize fundamentals.  There are many types of stances to teach, different moves associated with different styles and we  are thrilled to teach you in all aspects so you can find what works for you.  No matter what, you will receive a sound education in basics.

We take the time to study video, pick the brains of other coaches and share ideas amongst ourselves.  It’s what makes it fun for us and ultimately you as training progresses through the year.

So look forward to our commitment to increase your skill, to develop innovative training sessions and most of all having fun within the context of an excellent and diverse community!

#BoxOn! #2016


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