A Little Time Out

We make life a series of non stop events sometimes.  Lining up our day with activity after activity from wake up to bed time.  We rush through each thing to get to the next- fretting about how we will accomplish it all.

I was watching an episode of West Wing when the staff is out campaigning.  They are so caught up in election tactics and scheduling that they don’t pause to listen or interact in the very place they are campaigning.  They are so focused on what lies ahead, they can’t see what they are running into.  They miss the very opportunities that would actually help them in the election process.

I’ve adopted a queue for myself to pause….it’s not a new invention, not an original idea, just my spin on slowing down and applying gratitude.  Some call it meditation, awareness, prayer, thoughtfulness, or millions of other names.   I call it a “time out.”  There is always time for a time out and I cannot be convinced otherwise.

If my day is stacked then I make it a point to put a time out moment right away.  It might be a pause to really love my favorite pan that I cook eggs in, or to give a compliment.  I might stop an extra second and give a few extra pets to the pups.  Sometimes I pause to tell someone that I’m grateful to have them in my life.  Crazy things happen in a moment and I want to have filled my moments with as much meaning possible.

The time out always makes me slow down, breathe a little deeper and enjoy the moment I’m in.  It makes my day less stressful, seemingly less busy and when I’m tired, it gives me a little lift.  When I don’t take a time out, I’m inventing problems in my head, creating imaginary scenarios of epic proportions that lead to more and more stress.

I’be never been late because I took a time out….I’ve never missed anything because of it, as a matter of fact, I’ve never been adversely affected by taking a time out ever.  It’s only brought me more abundance, appreciation and relaxation.

So, I’m taking one right now.  Thank you to those of you making it into the gym!  You let me do what I love every day.  You let me share in your discomforts and successes.  When I’ve been putting in the extra hours with the other coaches gone, you’ve taken the time to appreciate what we all share here with simple and direct words.  You guys have stopped a moment in your busy days and given thanks and appreciation and that means a lot.

Thank you.  I dig this gym, community and most of all I really dig boxing.


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