The Beautiful Balance

There is a beautiful balance of indepence and dependency that a boxer must juggle.

Being dependent can be very uncomfortable……it can feel like subordination……it can feel as if you aren’t in control and you need to fight or rebel to gain your independence.


But, it can also be exquisite.  There is the sweet spot of dependence where trust in oneself and your corner exist.  It’s a place of invincibility, where you know you can accomplish anything because you have the ability and the support.  It is this place that I aim for in my coaching relationships with my boxers.  It’s the place I experienced two of the best matches in my career.

Dependency can be the highest level of indepence.  It’s a place where vulnerability and your greatest power live.  It’s a place where you give over to the moment and trust everything that is happening even if it seems as if things aren’t going your way.

If a boxer is dependent on me, they can override the doubt that tries to creep in and take over.  Dependence can override the place a boxer wants to scrap their training and go their own way.  Being dependent and trusting can give courage during the most fierce storms.

I want my boxers to question and understand why they do certain training practices.  I also want them to trust me when it’s not time to question.  This balance will give them the best opportunity for their highest level of performance.

I want them to take this blend of dependency and indepence into their daily life, so they can implement this balance of vulnerability, openness and boundaries.



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