My name is Coach

I’ve always been Tricia.  I have identified with my name as my strongest sense of exactly who I am.  I like my name and it seems to be the best reflection of me.

My first week of business at the gym was when I heard my new name.  Coach!  It scared me at first.  It took me a minute to understand that it was me who was being addressed.  At that precise moment, I realized how serious it was starting my own gym.  I remember stopping in my tracks and thinking, “What have I done?”  There was no turning away now.

I could no longer hide behind someone else’s decisions.  My name is now, Coach.  It is up to me how I teach skills, how I organize class, what policies and procedures should be followed. It is up to me how I treat the other coaches and what kind of autonomy they have in their teaching style.  I’ve no one to complain to and certainly no one to blame.

Changing my name to Coach has been a huge identity change and one I practice daily.  I still feel a little shocked when I hear Coach instead of Tricia and I occasionally feel pangs of “What have I done?” But overall, I am honored by the title and I take my role seriously as a leader in this gym.


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  1. Shannon Gannon says:

    You’re a great coach and person. Very grateful for you and all you do!

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