2 years

Last week we hit the two year mark in business.  This place is even better than I expected.  I started with a vision and now the gym has taken on a life of its own.

I am writing this to thank Philip and Daniel.  I didn’t even think of the possibility of opening a gym until Philip encouraged me and without both him and Daniel, Arcaro Boxing would not be this beautiful space.

I am writing to thank Candy.  She has and continues to be a valuable mentor.  She is a generous person, creative business owner and rock solid human being.  I’d be a little lost without her questioning me, pushing me and encourgement.

I’m thanking each and every one of you that came out to the park to train with me.  I wasn’t always present or at my coaching best and you stuck with me and believed in the bigger picture.

Most of all, I am acknowledging and thanking Jenny and Jeremy.  These two are the greatest gifts.  They have tremendous coaching talent and I am so fortunate to have them stick by me.  They have busted their tails to create the gym community.  They have worked diligently to teach fundamentals and insist we teach good quality, authentic boxing.  Next time you get your butt kicked by either of them, give them an extra thank you, because Arcaro is as much them as it is you and me!


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