New habits

I’ve referenced the type of effort and commitment it takes to develop new habits.  Whether you are taking a negative phrase and making it positive, stopping swearing, bringing your jab back to your eyebrow or eating smaller portions, it can take an average of 18-254 days.  Essentially you should prepare to commit up to 8 months if you want to develop a genuine new habit.

Its ok if you “mess up” or you aren’t able to do your new habit perfectly every time.  It’s more important to stay interested, to be in learning mode.  You want to invest in your changes and honor what takes you off track.  Patience, kindness and a desire to develop new skills will override in time.

Usually folks fail because they give up too early or they try to develop too many new skills at once.  It’s ok to desire a healthier lifestyle and chances of succeeding are better if you are in it for the long haul and if you systematically develop one habit at a time.  Commit to building endurance to handle the discomfort you might experience, take on one piece of change at a time and enjoy the rewards!


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