Sacrifice:  something you give up, usually for a better cause.  

Boxing training is a great opportunity for all kinds of people.  You learn a useful skill, increase fitness, reduce stress and learn a lot about yourself.  When you find a gym that fits your needs, you will also find a community full of diversity and acceptance.  At Arcaro, our gym family is growing and it’s a blast to witness.  Everyone brings something to the ring.  Stories, experiences, hope, sadness, truth, authenticity.  I can feel it every time I walk in this space.

Competition is not for everyone.  There is a ton of sacrifice involved.  You will give up comfort, time with family and friends, your favorite fatty foods, spare time, pain free days and an empty laundry basket.  I currently am working with a team full of focused sacrificing individuals.  Their work effort and passion for improvement is contagious.  They have all started out with very rudimentary boxing skills and developed a tremendous amount of boxing ability because of their ability to sacrifice comfort.  This team has welcomed guest boxer, Rory Santos in immediately and made her a part of the family.  They have made her training their training.  Everyone is pitching in to help her qualify for the U.S. Olympic Trials and in return their skills are skyrocketing. I love working with this crew.

September 19 and 20 will be the start of our amateur competitive boxing season and we will be entering 4 new team members.  Reece, Brian, Jason and Jordan will be experiencing their first matches.  Laura is returning after a crazy summer of working, getting married and honeymooning.  Christy will return after her Ringside success and Junior is looking to step his game up.

You can stay updated on the Arcaro Boxing Facebook page and the team board at the gym!


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