In 1928, women were struggling for the right to run track and field in the Olympics.  It was common belief that women would ruin their reproductive capabilities and that they were emotionally incapable of handling this type of competition.

Fast forward to 2012…….the first year to include women as amateur boxers in the Olympics.  Many of the same reasons as in 1928 had kept women out of the ring.  U.S. Boxer Claressa Shields won gold in the #165 weight division and brought record breaking decibel levels with her performances.

Fast forward to 2016 and here we go again.  The women have 3 possible weight classes to compete.  #112, #132 and #165.

Alaskan boxer Rory Santos is one boxer looking for a qualifying shot in Baltimore in September.  Rory must place in the top 3 to earn a berth at the U.S. Olympic Box offs.

Her home coach is unable to travel, so Rory came to Seattle for 3 weeks to train at Arcaro in preparation.  I will travel with Rory to Baltimore to work her corner while Jen and Jeremy continue the daily butt kicking ya’ll love!

This is a huge community effort, so give Rory a fist bump when you see her in the gym.  Put in your rounds as she puts in hers and lend her your support as she closes in on the competition.  We are honored to participate in this adventure!


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