What it’s all about

Being a good coach is so much more than having a good skill set to share.  It is 95% about building effective relationships.

I started coaching as a closed off, hidden and not very approachable person.  In hindsight, it’s obvious to me why my boxers didn’t open up, why they didn’t trust me and why they opted for withholding truth or even lying.

Im a firm believer that you cannot ask another person to do something you are unwilling to do.  You have to put yourself out there first.  You have to be willing to not be on the pedestal…..to be fallible and wrong.  I’ve a tendency to talk too much, to be opinionated and not listen.  Building relationships with my boxers exposes these parts of me over and over again.  I appreciate the humility I gain when I am exposed.  I soften and gain better skills from the willingness to be exposed.  Or like I refer to in the ring, a willingness to be hit.

Today happened to be a great day.  I listened a little more, I was vulnerable and in return, one of my boxers listened, trusted and felt the reward of our connection.  He demonstrated new skills in sparring and learned like he never has before.  We both went to a new level and are looking forward to getting in deeper!


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