Boxing will set you free

The truth will set you free and I know nothing truer than boxing.  There isn’t a single lie that will hold up in those ropes.  Exposure is always one punch away.

I’ve been working with some boxers recently and they are getting the taste of the less glorious side of boxing.  It’s the part not seen on 24/7.  The part no one thinks about.  The less glorious side is about facing the truth that lives inside.  It’s our insecurities that we try to ignore.  It’s the way we define ourselves when we are being exposed.  There is truth waiting to express itself in these experiences and we can embrace it or run and hide.

It’s always the hardest workers I see hit this point first.  It’s when hard work doesn’t get us our desired outcome.  It’s when working even harder still doesn’t produce anything new.  It’s when we have to face something deeper within us before our hard work will be effective again.  It’s these times boxers falter the most.  It’s when our usual ways of doing things doesn’t  work anymore.  Only those that can embrace the painful reality of “my shit doesn’t work anymore” will go on to accomplish more than imagined in daily life and the ring.  Its those that desire truth more than the inauthenticity of our culture that will rise with a quiet, open, vulnerable confidence.

The ring exposes us again and again.  There’s a reason why only a few people make it to competition and why even fewer really make a go of it.  It isn’t because of the punches given and taken.  It’s because most of us walk through life not taking on our truth and to live as a boxer, you just plain have to look yourself in the eye, see every nuance, accept it, use it, own it and perform with others watching!  It’s a sport that demands action and personal responsibility.

Boxing and coaching have given me the privilege to learn who I am, to welcome exposure.  I am no longer afraid to be myself…..every beautiful and ugly part of me.  I am working hard to pave the way for others to travel, to find their own truth and to live it unabashedly.


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  1. Boxing actually helps the fighters to use their techniques and skills in a way that makes them feel free. It also helps in reducing mental stress.

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