In daily life we repeat patterns over and over and over again.  It’s like a gift to ourselves so that we can learn.  We repeat these patterns until we can become more consciously aware and we can make conscious choices with our awareness.

Boxing is no different.  A boxer repeats drills over and over so that he/she can feel the patterns being repeated.  So he/she can create the patterns desired.  Once a pattern is revealed, the boxer can keep the pattern, change the pattern and/or add complimentary patterns.

For example:  I deliver a jab and every time it returns, I drop my hand down below my chin.  I can be alerted to this pattern by listening to a coach, seeing video or sparring.  Once I am aware of the pattern, I can feel it in my body.  Once the pattern has become feeling, I have conscious choice.

Choice is paramount.  I can keep the pattern because I want to learn how it is valuable to me- how I can use it to my advantage.  I can change it by replacing it with a new pattern if the old one won’t serve me.  I can keep the pattern and develop another pattern so I can have different options and rhythms.  It is personal responsibility, awareness and conscious choice that gives me creativity and options.  It allows me to actively use my patterns any way I want versus being a victim to them.

If the same pattern isn’t working for you in life or the ring, take a good look at it.  Learn more.  Keep repeating it until you have learned everything possible.  Get help from your corner people.  Take responsibility for your choices and actions.  It will be a much more enjoyable learning process and you will undoubtedly gain new skill!


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