One of the best things about being a boxer is having the ability to gain physical, mental and emotional certainty from training.

I always come back to being comfortable with insecurities, doubts, uncertainty.  Once you have been able to stay calm amongst the turbulence of these feelings, it’s easy to believe in anything you do.  It’s easier to trust your decisions when you have endured difficulties, stayed present and trusted those you call your corner.  It’s easy to trust your training when things get challenging.

I always tell my boxers that if they have put their all……..physical, mental and emotional effort into their training, when that point of doubt comes up in the ring and it will… they will be able to dig deep into their training practice and pull through.  If they have a sliver of questioning about how they prepared, they will only be able to dig into the doubt.

I have been through the thickest training the past two years between starting this gym and personal experiences and am glad to be dig into the skill boxing training has given me!  It’s a confidence in my body that is in me and unwavering.  I’m inspired to share this experience.


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