Feeling grateful

We are now 1 year 8 months old!

Today I walked to work with the pups and sat down to enjoy some alone time in the gym.  I messed around with e-mail, Facebook and got in a little Netflix while I sipped coffee with my feet up.

I love being here, I love the community that is growing and most of all I love sharing my passion for boxing and life.  While I was sitting here, a gym member stopped by to hang and talk.  It’s so great to share vulnerabilities and openness.  It’s taken me so many years to get here.  I liked being able to hear his stories and share mine while sitting in this space where so much release and growth happens.

This gym is a place where people can get used to making mistakes.  Where we can all get more comfortable being uncomfortable.  Where it’s ok to be the uglier things in life and learn.  This gym space stays consistent so we all have a place to measure our progress.

Last year was my first summer in business and it was scary.  Summer in Seattle for gyms is never easy.  Current gym members, the amateur team and thoughts of new members kept me going.  Both Jen and Jeremy kept me motivated and going.  Boxing and what it does for people kept me motivated!

Now this June our membership has grown, the community is solid.  We are all working together to improve our skills and keep the gym growing.  I can feel the passion coming off of everyone in fitness, sparring and the team.

Thank you all for establishing Arcaro as a good solid gym to train at.  Thank you for being committed to boxing fundamentals.  Thank you for bringing your passion to learning a skill and becoming fitter mentally, emotionally and physically.

Forza Italia and Boxing!


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