Committing to the punch

Boxing always makes a lot of sense.  It puts concepts into a physical sensical format.

For instance:  Committing to the punch.  The more you commit to the punch, the less likely you are to get hit.  It’s scary as hell but you have to commit in a way your whole body believes in the punch you throw, keep your balance and override the fear of incoming punches.

If you’re at an intersection turning left, you have to go without hesitation or you may get hit by the on coming car.

If you hesitate  in your mind when delivering your punch, your body will show it.  You may close your eyes, kick your hips back, turn your head, not fully extend your punch, pause during the punch and a plethora of other things.  All these reactions increase your risk of getting hit more than committing to the punch.

Anything you think, has a physical manifestation.  In sport it shows up in body movement. In daily life, it show up in physical movement and in speech.  The words you choose say a lot about how you think.  Are you confident, insecure, defensive, attacking, accusatory, accepting, fibbing or telling the truth.  We are all an easy read if the other is paying attention.

Boxing is a beautiful expose of the inner self.  You can learn a lot if you’re open and not judgemental about your actions.  Same goes in daily life.  If you can accept feedback about your tone, language and body mannerisms, you will learn more about yourself and be able to exercise more choice.  You will be able to fully commit to your actions, to fully take responsibility for yourself and that is amazingly powerful.

Boxing can help you open up, be more vulnerable, be more responsible and more powerful!  I suggest you pick up a boxing habit for a more enjoyable life!


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