Trusting your training

“Trust your training” is a common saying in boxing.  It’s meant to illicit confidence, to bolster a boxer’s spirit as he/she approaches match time.  Running, repetitive skills, strength and conditioning are all key elements in training.  A boxer cannot do a single element partially and expect to trust their training when fists are flying.

I recently asked a boxer if he was doing his roadwork.  “Not as good as I could’ve been” was his reply.  It showed in the ring.  Everyone feels gassed when they first start competing.  It’s typically brought on by tension and/or holding ones breath.  It is more exacerbated by training that is partially completed.  He experienced an inability to trust his training to get him through the gassed feeling to have more in the tank.

So many crazy thoughts run through your mind in a match and whether you like it or not, the subconscious kicks in extra.  Any corner you cut is there tapping on your shoulder to cement in any creeping doubts.

It’s like this in business and general life.  The quality and care you put into your prepatory efforts are reflected when it’s time to perform, to deliver, to show what you have.  There is nowhere to look but at yourself and what you have done to get ready for your moment.  Whether it’s a tough conversation, a performance, a speech or a paper for school, your diligence, focus and efforts are what count and shine through for better or worse.

Its not easy to give your all, but when you do, when things are tough, you have this knowing, this trust that you have given every effort to ensure your success.  This belief allows you to accomplish seemingly insurmountable odds.

Simply put, do your roadwork, do your training, give all of your focus and feel the self-assuredness that comes with this kind of preparation.


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  1. O.G. says:

    “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.”
    ― Bruce Lee

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