Day of Remembrance

Please come support Boxer Sophia and her family!

Day of Remembrance: Dwone Anderson-Young and Ahmed Said
Please join us at the corner of 29th & King on Sunday, May 31st @ 5 pm to remember Dwone Anderson-Young and Ahmed Said, whose lives were so tragically taken from us on June 1, 2014. This gathering will bring family, friends, neighbors, and community members together to honor the memory of these two young men who continue to be so dearly missed by all who knew them.
People are welcomed to bring poems or special thoughts to be read during the gathering. Flowers, candles, or other small mementos that reflect Dwone or Ahmed are also welcomed to be placed under the memorial tree. Those unable to attend the scheduled gathering are encouraged to visit the memorial tree at their convenience to share with us in this day of remembrance.

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