Bridal showers and boxing

yes, it’s true, if a bridal shower happens in the woods, boxing still exists.

Yesterday I attended a bridal shower for one of our competitive boxers, Laura.  She started as a fitness boxer before the gym had walls.  I watched her get the boxing bug and stick with it as we opened and gained ground establishing the gym community.  She gained her own ground within the training structure.

Laura organized our very 1st The Artist and the Boxer Project and co organized the second.  More and more she was closing the gap between all aspects in her life…….spoken word, teaching, community leadership and boxing.  Watching a person use boxing as a medium to integrate their whole life is incredibly powerful.  She has given her voice new levels of vocalization through the expression of her fists.

Many people from other areas in Laura’s life have a different impression of boxing because of the growth she has experienced since putting the gloves on.  She has touched the lives of so many because she dares to ball up her fists and create impact!

Lets all put together a collective fist bump in celebration of boxing, confidence, community, love, impact and living our lives as authentically as possible!

Thank you Laura for being such a shining example!


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