Actions and desire

Your actions prove what you want.  Your situations and experiences are proof of the decisions you are making and of your deeper motivations.  What a perfect check and balance.

Look at your outcomes and ask if you are getting what you say you want.  If not, something needs to change.  Either what you say you want is not really true or you need to change some actions/decisions.

I like the simplicity of studying simple cause and effect to learn more about oneself.  This type of study encourages personal responsibility and promotes further self study.

How many times have you set goals to get fit, lose weight and get in a training routine, then come up a little short?  You find that circumstances seem to pile against you or time is scarce.  You can look at your outcome as a failure, or you can question why you continue to have the same experience.  Why not look at the whole situation from your declaration to outcome.  Critique each and every decision you make.  Did each decision take you closer to your desired outcome or further away?

Do you really want your goal or are you just in love with the idea?  Are there outside pressures saying this is something you should want, or is it your desire?  I believe if you really want to achieve something and it’s within your physical and mental capabilities, then you will find a way to accomplish your goal.


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