Keep on punching

There is a lot of turnover in boxing competitors.

Coaches witness hundreds of athletes go through the experiences of training and competition.  Every single boxer meets the match within themselves that is their make or break point.  The match they are required to face to further their learning and performance.  Only a very small percentage get through this match while competing.  Many quit and have to face this match later in life.

Training is the journey.  It’s a beautiful, painful journey that culminates in 9 min to 36 min of outcome.  Then the outcome gives you information so you know how to proceed in your journey.  You must have the mental fortitude and emotional strength to handle what comes up from the inside.  You must have the discipline to be invested in the training.  To be in love with discomfort.  Resistance will cause turmoil and acceptance will take you to new heights.

When you train, it is a lonely experience.  It is you alone ultimately responsible for your results. Your corner and your stablemates can support and guide you, but it is only you that can make the most of your experience.  It is you that has to embrace your suffering and successes.  Your corner and stablemates have their own relationship to training and it is this collective effort that makes the gym a powerful community place.  But, you are alone within that group.  No one takes punches for you, no one has your answers and no one can carry your load.

It’s true that you have to face yourself in daily life, but no experience of facing one’s self is so exponentially faster than boxing.  The simple visceral act of taking and delivering punches forces you to know yourself.  It forces you to face all that you believed about yourself.  Through this questioning you can rise up with an infallible self knowing and what you choose to do with your life long term.

I simply wonder, why wouldn’t you want that experience?


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