Getting Ring Ready

Boxing is a sport with a lot of depth.  You cannot train and live on the surface and expect to make it in the ring.  While all athletic endeavors push you to deeper places within yourself, I haven’t found anything like boxing.

Training is like our daily life.  You show up and repeat patterns over and over slowly inching forward, gaining skill and confidence.  As you go, you hit confidence challenges and moments that feel hopeless-  like there is no way you can finish the match.  It is these times and the way people respond to them that tell me as a coach if I have a boxer that is going to make it to the ring.

Life and training are interchangable.  You can use your training to keep you moving in your outside the ring world.  You can also use your life experiences to keep you focused on training.  When you separate the two and don’t use them to work as a whole unit, it’s going to be hard to be ring ready.

Think about stressful times in your life.  Did you make it to the gym, or was it the first thing to go.  It’s easy to drink more, eat more, shut down and avoid the gym.  If you are going to be ring ready, it’s times like these you have to muster up something from within and get yourself in to train.  This effort will train you to stay calm and focused when the shit hits the fan.  It will train you to keep your mind sharp and ready to respond.  This effort will also infiltrate your difficult time in life and give you hope- a new perspective.

You don’t have to compete to be ring ready, but you do have to push yourself to depths like competitive boxers.  It’s a choice, a way of living.  Your gym community and coaches can help you because we all have these experiences.

Here’s to being ring ready.


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