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One thing that’s hard in our culture is giving and receiving real honest feedback.  But the only way to get to new levels of accomplishment is to be able to constructively say and hear honest feedback.

In the ring giving feedback comes naturally.  You move and expose your sparring partner’s weaknesses.  You deliver punches in gaps and holes exposed in your partner’s cover.  It’s simple.  If there is a deficiency in skill you exploit it.  If you are the exploited person, your goal is to feel grateful for the moment to have your weakness exposed.  It is a moment that teaches you what you need to focus on.  But you have to be open, vulnerable and willing to listen to the feedback without defensiveness.

As I grow my coaching skill I am more and more interested in living my life like I’m in the ring.  I like interacting with honesty, integrity, expression, vulnerability and humility.  I like the discipline it takes to stay interested and learning.  I like the way it feels to know where I really measure up and what it’s going to take to improve.  Sometimes I need gentle nudges and sometimes I need a more heavy handed reminder.  This experience is what I am motivated to share with all my boxers.

My coaching skill is growing because of my ability to take criticism on in an eager way.  I’m turning this ability into my own delivery now.  I’m able to give uncomfortable feedback with a direct punch that teaches versus smashes.

Boxing is the most honest and giving sport and if fully engaged, the feedback it gives will increase all your daily life skills.  Try it out!


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