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For awhile I would walk to work and pass by the YWCA on East Cherry Street.  On Wednesdays I watched a line form down and around the block.  Each Wednesday this branch hands out food to those in need.  I know hunger exists, I know that food banks are year round.  But seeing these folks lined up every Wednesday struck me differently and I wondered what do food banks do when our giving spirit diminishes after the obvious times of year.

Divisional Resource Coordinator, Nichelle Hilton of The Central Area Food Bank took a few minutes to answer my questions when I dropped by unannounced.  Arcaro Boxing is going to do a couple of food drives to benefit The Central Area Food Bank.  Our first one will be the month of March and the second will be July.

Nichelle also took the time to answer a few e-mail questions

1. What is your title?  

 Divisional Resource Coordinator

2. How long have you worked at the YWCA?   

  7 yrs

3. What does the YWCA- Central Area Foodbank do?    

Our mission is to help those who are hungry in our community by providing good, quality food.

4. Who are the people you serve?

YWCA clients, and general public in the community.

5. What drives you to do this work?

To see the smiling faces of those we help.

6. When are your donation needs highest?


7. Tell us about your summer lunch program for youth-

We provide a site for a quick lunch for any students in the community. It’s off our year round backpack program to bridge the hunger over the weekend for homeless kids relying on free school lunch.

8. What are ways that people can get involved in the YWCA?

There are many regions beyond mine, and our website covers them all at There are ways to be an individual volunteer, group volunteers, one time and ongoing.

We will put out a bin with specific item needs at the gym beginning of March 1st and I encourage all of you to contribute!

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