Becoming our potential

We went to Golden Gloves full of potential and hope.  Both boxers Will and Precious put everything they could into their training.  We started 7 weeks out and began the regimen of boxing skills, running and sprinting.  Two weeks in they were hurting and doubting they could make it through the 7 weeks.  As Will said, “I kept finding new lows through the whole training process.”  These discoveries are what give us confidence.  Going through these experiences help us find ourselves and discover the gaps that we thought were filled.

Precious dealt with doing all that training and having no opponent.  She worked hard and didn’t get to put it to use.  She was full of poise and an excellent teammate.  She supported Will selflessly and was humble.  This ability really allowed us all to focus on Will and his task ahead.

Will had to fight a boxer with 5 times his experience level in his first match.  The tournament is single elimination, so you have 1 shot.  Will went out the first round and was doing extremely well.  He was landing punches, moving well and winning the round.  Something happened that made him think he wasn’t doing wel and frustration set in.  He still did tremendous!  The next two rounds were so close.  He did amazing but felt frustrated.  The decision came in and Will lost by a small margin.

Afterward when the fog of adrenaline cleared, we talked about the fight.  He didn’t like the part of him that lacked confidence.

It’s funny in our culture how we can loathe parts of ourselves and love others, like we are pieces of somebody and not just somebody.

This mentality puts at war with ourselves and increases tension.  It doesn’t allow us to fully live out our potential.  Boxing training exposes this all the time and the cool thing is we keep getting chances to get stronger at accepting every single part of what makes us uniquely ourselves.

Will and Precious are both excited to train for the next event and take everything they learned and put it to use.  I am excited to guide them in their acceptance of all of their abilities.  I’m also excited to have the chance to develop better coaching skills after going through this process with both of them.

Take time out of your day and find the places, habits, etc… you dislike.  Give yourself a break, and practice appreciating that what you dislike has allowed you to get here!  Once you do that, the limitations will fall away and you will go to another level of accomplishment!


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