Embracing the positive and the negative

There is nothing wrong with absorbing uplifting information, but there is another side of the coin that needs to be addressed if we wish to actually grow and change in the world- Alec Cope http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com

Tomorrow is weigh in time for Golden Gloves.   7 solid weeks of intensive training and Will and Precious are approaching performance time.  Doubt, fear and nervousness are very present these last few hours.  I’m actually glad they are.  It shows me how invested we are all in this adventure!

Taking the negative in, understanding how it functions, how it works, what are its objectives.  Learning how it is being used against you so you can do something about it– Alec Cope www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com

Jen and I just had the opportunity to be on New Day Northwest last minute.  It was a very fun experience and enlightening to me.  An old friend told me I looked calm and confident “as always.”  When thinking about it I realized what components allow me these results.  First and most importantly, I am very comfortable with my insecurities.  I used to fight them and try and cover them up and I’d end up being more awkward.  Now, I embrace any nervousness and worries.  I acknowledge they exist and have validity.  I remind myself it’s a normal experience and that in spite of my feelings, I typically move forward and have some type of success.  I treat my insecurities and negative thoughts with honor.  They give me information and clue me in to important details that need attention.  More importantly, my perspective and mind are expanded by accepting all aspects of myself.

When my boxers open up about their fears, I feel relieved.  It means they are being present, open and brave.  It means that we have a chance to learn something important and use it to help them have success in the ring.  Sometimes what they reveal cues me into making an adjustment in their training, like more rest or the need for more intensity.  No matter what, between the boxer and myself, a lot of listening happens and that is powerful.

Darkness is a guidepost that points us towards the light and is essential to our expansion.  It must be taken in, learned from and then let go of once it no longer serves our evolution– Alec Cope http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com

These boxers have faced more discomfort over these 7 weeks than ever before and I am proud of them and the entire gym for surrounding them with support!

Stay updated on Arcaro Facebook!  We will post information about the bouts as soon as we know!  In the meantime, embrace your negative thoughts, you will be in good company!


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  1. This article is a Goosebumps inducing one. The training schedule described and the impending fight is really thrilling. Anybody interested with real actions should read this one.

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