Tacoma Golden Gloves 2015

The Golden Gloves is a historical boxing tournament held throughout the U.S.  The first ever Golden Gloves tournament was sponsored by the Chicago Tribune in 1923.  Past winners include Joe Louis, Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Hearns and DeLaHoya.

The Golden Gloves is a franchise organization and here in Washington State, the Tacoma Athletic Commision and Tacoma Boxing Club support this yearly tournament.  In order to compete, a boxer must be “open.”  Meaning, having 10 fights or more.

This year, Arcaro has two competitors, Will Greenwood and Precious Harris.  For Will, a win will advance him to the next level of  the Golden Gloves tournament, typically held in Las Vegas.  The Golden Gloves is not an advancing tournament for women, so this is a singular tournament experience for Precious.

Will Is boxing in the #123 weight class and Precious in #141.

We are heading to weigh ins Friday February 6th at 7am and will await the tournament draw.  The boxers will rest in a hotel room and prepare themselves mentally to enter the ring.  Bouts begin at 7 pm at The Al Davies Boys and Girls Club.  1620 south 17th st. Tacoma.

We can use your help as we are fundraising $225.00 to fund hotel, gas, tournament entry and food.  You can click here to contribute via PayPal and include the message “2015 GG”

Thank  you to Richard and Craig who have donated $89.00 from The Artist and the Boxer event last Saturday.

In return for your contribution, you will recieve a password to a private Golden Gloves 2015 page that will give you access to exclusive pictures, videos, thoughts and experiences from the coaches, managers and boxers.

Thank you for the support and see you on Friday!


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