Feeling IT

I’m feeling it today!  What is it?

Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth.  To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential- Bruce Lee

I am feeling the actualization of my potential, the actualization of the gym, recreational boxers and competitive boxers potential.  I am feeling the fire it takes when you are preparing for something bigger than you.  I am feeling the connection to community it takes to achieve things greater than you.

It isn’t only Precious and Will preparing for Golden Gloves, it is our entire gym.  It is Reece, an aspiring competitor putting in the miles with his team mates.  It is 6 pm fitness digging deep in class while Will and Precious finish their heavy bag rounds.  It is 6am fitness showing up every morning proving themselves to be motivated and disciplined to achieve their goals before the work day begins.  It is Dominic and Dorian in Youth class finding new levels of focus and motivation.  It is Jen having paved the way for the standards it takes to be a National and International champion.  We are all training together.

Will and Precious are training like never before and learning what it takes to prepare to be a champion.  I believe they will win.  They are learning what it is like to doubt, to hurt, to be fatigued and recover.  It is my job to help protect their dream and encourage them to soar, to know it is impossible to live without failure and to really let go and put it all on the line.

Yesterday what got me fired up even more, I came across a concept called Inner Stance on the websites of Dr. Tammara Moore and Werner Erhard.

Your Inner Stance is the position or mental posture you create to live your life from.  It is how you choose to live your life, exist or “be” in regard to yourself, others, challenges, or life in general.  In other words, it becomes how you operate in life.  An Inner Stance is chosen and reinforced on a regular basis simply by living from the Inner Stance.  Inner Stances can be empowering or disempowering. -Werner Erhard

The foundation of any individual seeking a result is her inner stance–the place they operate from.  A strong inner stance is about a deep commitment and appropriate actions that will determine the result.  It is about choosing.  It is about strong intention.  It is about dropping the things that no longer serve us.  It is about awareness and seeing blind spots for the first time.  It is about observing from multiple perspectives and changing who you are being.  It is about choosing what matters to you most in life. – Dr. Tammara Moore

A while back, Jen gave a talk to the incoming Seattle University soccer team.  She told them they had to be the part before they were the part.  This Inner Stance starts with me.  I must be the coach of champions before I have them.  I must choose actions that allow room for the champions to exist.  I have to show a willingness to fail, to be wrong, to be vulnerable and risk so they too can choose their own actions.   I must demonstrate dropping what is no longer useful to me and show them the work it takes to be curious about the way one operates.  Because by the time they get in the ring, they need to be clear headed and emotionally clear to succeed.  They need to be so entrenched in learning mode that when they get in the ring it’s a fun experiment to see how they perform.

By the time we have completed Golden Gloves, my wish is that all of us understand we are not locked into things.  We are having fluid experiences that are to be shared in wonderment and that life is mostly about how you operate, not about who you are!


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