It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This is one of my favorite quotes.  To make change happen, one must start with repetition.  Usually the beginning of repetition starts with a lot of doubt and discomfort.  But if you stay the course, increase your awareness and ability to handle discomfort, change will happen.

Starting this gym and maintaining it is day after day of repetition.  It’s day after day of being aware of all of my strengths and skills I need.  Its daily repetition in being scared of the unknown and sticking with my conviction and principles.  Its sharing the love of boxing and allowing myself to receive love and appreciation from those I coach.  It’s showing up on the days I’m tired or sick and have doubt that lead to my belief in the success of this gym.  It’s the daily repetition in believing in each and every boxer, recreational or competitive that make change happen in the community.  It’s embracing our heritages, similarities and differences that fuel my conviction to create the opportunities for champions to emerge in life and in the competitive ring.

Because of my commitment to repetition, I have made huge changes personally.  I like the confidence boxing repetition has given me.  I trust that if you have a little skill, a lot of desire, a want to push limits and an insatiable hunger to know yourself better, then I can guide you to achieve everything you want.  I believe in boxing training that much.

Two of our boxers are preparing for Golden Gloves.  We are 5 weeks into a 7 week training program to ensure their success.  I’ve taken the successes and failings from my own athletic career and used that knowledge to establish a training program for success.  I appreciate my boxers’ conviction.  They have questioned how things worked, questioned how things have felt and kept moving with the repetition.  They are now seeing the changes come into play and it is a huge confidence booster.  Because they have questioned, this work is even more their own.

Leaders like Dr. King, Muhammed Ali, Nelson Mandela and countless others have shown us what conviction, belief, determination and repetition can accomplish in life and we owe it to them to show it in our own lives and the ring.  We can use our medium to impress upon a small contingency that all of us together following the above principles can have a lasting influence.  That all of us putting in the work creates a greater change.


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