I’ve heard it said many times that one must crawl before they can walk.  Or, that you have to be 13 before you can be 25.

To get to this point I had to experience 2013 and 2014.  To say I enjoyed it all would be a straight up lie.  I often found myself in resistance mode to my experiences.  I resisted the punch and wanted different scenarios to play out.  At times, I took things in stride and when I did, even the most difficult times flowed.   I could sit in the pocket, watch things come my way and respond with conscious intention.  I like hearing how other folks take on their lives and get ideas from their approaches.

I was speaking to a Gym Member about training and life in general and he shared with me a brilliant approach to self-investigation and learning.  He said he studied his contradictions.  The minute the words came out of his mouth, I felt like 1000 lightbulb turned on.  It’s this interest in one’s patterns and learning how we operate, flaws and all that has me fired up and ready for this coming boxing season and second year of business.  It’s finding all the places I contradict my stated beliefs so I can learn what I truly believe that is my focus as we head into another month of existence at the gym.

2015 is about continuing to build off of what has already been done and not erasing a single thing.  Its looking back at all the experiences that got me here, feeling gratitude  that I have the skill to study them with interest so I can get more in tune with myself and allow others the space to become in tune with their own selves.  It’s studying my previous resistances so I can learn to let go a little more and sit calmly in the pocket a higher percentage of time.  Its sharing my experiences with all of you to lead the way in how we are all connected and often experiencing similar themes.

2015 is another year to celebrate boxing, community, collective consciousness, birth, death, beginnings of relationships and endings of relationships.  It’s about getting more and moreinterested in our experiences and blowing up paradigms to make new ones.

Happy New Year to you all!  See you in the gym, in the ring and out in the community!


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