I haven’t posted in a bit.  We have had a busy amateur competition schedule the past few weeks, Thanksgiving and a million other things.

There’s a lot going on in the world.  Tons of conflict, hurt, unrest, miscommunication, lack of communication and a huge gaping hole of lack of love.

I want to take a minute and have all of us pause to appreciate one another’s heritage.  To honor where we have come from and where we are all going together.  To honor those that are no longer on the journey with us.

Many of our gym members are experiencing their first holidays and major life events without loved ones.  I want the comfort of community and boxing to support them and all of us through the rest of the year.

Many of our members are teachers.  They are dealing with how to hear the voices of our youth and making room for expression.

I want all of us to remember, we are all artists.  Whether we are boxers, teachers, students, office workers, protesters, community servants…..we are all artists and we are obligated to use our craft to express ourselves, raise our voices and find more of ourselves to further humanity.

As we come to the end of the year at the gym and head into our second year of business, you can count on us to make room for your expression and learning through boxing.  We will continue with the Artist and the Boxer events.  We will have more artists put their work up on our walls.  We will also have more energy work/boxing workshops.  In the meantime, express yourself and BoxOn!

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