Advancing with Abandon

Many times boxers get stuck looking for one clean punch.  We worry about gassing out if we let our hands go.  We worry about being ineffective if we don’t land everything we throw.  We miss opportunity after opportunity because of our waiting and indecision.  We miss completely, or openings close before we can exploit them.

It takes courage to throw punches.  You must throw to connect and risk being countered by your opponent.  You have to be willing to be off the mark so you can learn and get feedback to find your target.  You have to be willing to explore and try things out, to risk failure, to risk feeling ineffective until you break through.

It’s all backwards, but true…..the more you deliver punches the more energy you get back in your own body, the more interested and engaged you will be.  The more punches you throw, the more likely you will be in the present moment and respond from instinct.

We have forgotten that courage is a choice and that permission to move forward with boldness is never given by the fearful masses.  Most have forgotten that seeking change always requires a touch of insanity.  If taking action before the perfect conditions arise, or before we receive permission, is unreasonable and reckless, then we must be unreasonable and reckless. -Brendon Burchard

The more time I spend in the gym, in the ring and around boxers, the more I want to live my outside the ring life the same way.  Read Burchard’s words again.  It is so true for the ring and for life.  Courage is a choice.  We are so bound up and constricted in our society by our fears and our anticipation of the future.  I can picture countless times I’ve frozen with worry about the outcome, versus just putting the words out there to see what happens.  So many of us struggle with autonomy, having our voices heard—letting our punches go.

It’s time to move forward with abandon, to embrace our creativity and go for it.

Keep your hands up, keep moving and remember to always BoxOn!



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  1. Curry says:

    Thanks for the wisdom. I’m thinking about my own life (in and out of the gym) and it’s powerful + enlivening to think about courage as a choice that is in direct relation to my voice being heard/ creativity and throwing punches in the ring. And also gaining more energy by actually being more courageous and throwing more punches – which I want to do. Thanks!

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