Sitting in the gym

One of the best things about owning my own gym is having the ability to open up and learn from all kinds of coaches, teachers, speakers and business owners.

I’m sitting here today listening to the bustle of training activity during Open Gym and thinking of the week as the amateur team prepares for this Saturday’s competition. I’m watching You Tube videos studying boxing technique and dreaming of the skills we can all develop with persistent practice. The hounds are snoring under my feet, the rain beats down outside and I really get to do this day after day.

I’m also preparing for a special visit from writer/filmmaker and fellow puncher of people’s faces, Jill Morley
The gals from Arcaro’s team will be doing demos at the screening of her film Fight Like A Girl benefitting Reel Grrls on Tuesday November 11th at 6pm at Youngstown. (4408 Delridge Way SW)
We will work together for an entire week sharing skills, trading ideas, sparring and hopefully smiling from ear to ear for a majority of the time.
Stay tuned in here as we will be updating you on the happenings via this blog, Twitter @arcaroboxing and Facebook!
Until then, please please

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