Community I didn’t anticipate

Before the gym had walls I started thinking about community and how to allow the space for it to authentically grow. When we were at Pratt Park, I watched how our public space was used, how instantly the space allowed me to join an already existing community. There were all kinds of folks from every area of life. It felt incredible to interact with so many folks just because we too used the space for our own needs.

It’s that feeling that I wanted to capture. Even though only boxing is happening inside these walls, I know everyone is coming to this common space to use it for their own experiences. Each person can remain anonymous, blend in, connect, form friendships and most importantly, express themselves however they like.

I focused on building this space so people could come in on a regular basis.

What I didn’t anticipate was the folks that would contribute to our community by passing through town and needing a boxing gym.
The gym is located near several hospitals. We have had several folks come in and need to express their grief, anger, sadness, frustration and hope. They are always so grateful, so respectful and it contributes to the feel here. They touch the gym in ways that seem to open up space for others that come here all the time.

We’ve had people traveling on big road trips, family visiting, coaches from other gyms and gym owners from other states. They have all brought new energy into our space. They have all reminded me how are community is far beyond Seattle and that expression through boxing connects us all!

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