What are you gonna do?

I’m still on my Brendon Burchard kick! What he says makes perfect sense and it is simply put. After last weekend’s competition, this piece of writing from him really lept out at me………………..

Successful people look out there and say, “What is it that I desire of my life?” They go for it. They’ve set an intention. They’ve set a direction for who they are and where they’re going and what is meaningful to them, who they want to have along with them. Their aim is extraordinarily tight. They really do see where they’re going and what they want. They don’t always know the full picture, they just know, I want to be like this… I want to do things like this. They start along that path.
Because they’re following their own path, even if they don’t know where exactly it goes, they’re living the adventurous life. They’re entering a new phase of their life where they truly feel that this journey is their own versus just being carried along by their parents, their professors or their peers or their co-workers. It’s their own – they have their own aim in life.
I think we have to take control of that. I think, tonight would be a good time for you to sit down and say,
“Okay, what is it I want in the major areas of my life? What is it I truly have aim and ambition for in my work life, in my relationships, in my sense of spiritual and emotional self? In my physical health and vitality? In my overall direction in life?”
What do you want next week to be about? If you don’t know than you are “aimless”, and when you’re aimless it’s pretty easy to feel pretty lost. It’s like you kind of wander around in the world, that’s a big full wilderness. That’s why in Montana we always say, “The time to have the map is before you enter the woods.”—-Brendon Burchard

I know for a fact that you can be a fun adventurous spirit and be very intense, driven and focused. I know without a doubt, we are all responsible for our outcomes. Our decisions drive us and if we take some time to look at our decisions, to look at the map we are taking into the woods, all of our answers are right there!

This past weekend we kicked off the competitive season. 4 of my boxers matched up and all 4 had their own unique experiences. Boxing is so much more than going in the ring and slugging someone. Whether you have Mayweather like physical boxing skill or you are a novice, your ability to perform those skills under pressure boils down to your mentality, your emotional stability and your desire to take personal responsibility.


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