Fall, Seattle and a plethora of things

September is almost here.  Every weekday morning I teach a 6am boxing fitness class.  i love the consistency of getting up and getting in the gym to coach some incredibly dedicated boxers.  These folks never cease to amaze me.  They show up day in and day out wanting to be the best boxers they can be with no intention of ever getting in the competitive ring.  They often have more discipline and drive then some competitive boxers out there.

The ritual of getting up at the same time could make me numb and checked out, but it does just the opposite.  I feel really in tune with my community and the world.  I experience the descent into the darkness here in the Northwest one minute at a time each day we approach fall and winter.  Then when spring is coming I experience the hope of our long days of light.  I see the same people walk up and down the sidewalk as they go to and from work.  I hear the birds wake up and get busy.  I feel so alive on the way to the gym and then I am surrounded by such beautiful expression.  I really dig this ritual.  I love the feeling of being in the moment and alive.  The smell of our Puget Sound air takes me over and I feel overwhelmed that I am doing something I love with people I respect day after day.  Finally, I am getting closer to living my daily life as if I am in the ring in the moment.

I definitely have my days when life feels like a drudgery, or I don’t want to get out of bed, or I feel like the hour I have to coach might just be the longest of my life…..but those days make my senses heightened and well rounded.  Everything is part of my experience.

Inside the ropes, the bell rings and you approach your sparring partner or opponent.  You take in every smell, heart beat, bead of sweat, thought and movement.  You are infinitely alive.  You feel your punches coming from your body and their punches connecting with you.  There is truth right there in front of you and no escape.  Some rounds feel like an eternity and you wonder what you are doing, why you are doing it….and the bell rings again.  The sense of accomplishment washes over you and you know you can do this…..you got it…..you are getting improvements.  Even the rounds where you get your ass kicked seem to be propelling you more into yourself.

I like that more and more my entire life feels like I’m in the ring and I think that more and more Arcaro Boxers are living this experience too.  Collectively we are a community committed to self-awareness, growth, connection and living.

I say, bring on fall, the rain, cooler weather and a hell of a lot of boxing!


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