To fix or not to fix

A lot of folks go to the gym to fix something. To change something, to get away or escape certain things. We want to lose weight, get away from our anger, get rid of our stress, be better people,

Trying to fix something can cause a lot of tension. I understand the mindset of achieving goals, improving skills and developing skill. But fixing seems different…..To me fixing implies “there is something wrong”

I have spent years in the tension of trying to fix myself, to be better, to be good, to be worthy, effective etc.. and recently I’ve discovered, there hasn’t been anything wrong with me. I’m an empathetic, hard working, generally good natured person. I have a long fuse, but when it blows, it’s super intense and not so pretty. I am direct and opinionated……there are many complexities to me. Just like everyone else. There isn’t anything to fix in me.

Boxing Translation:

In the ring, on the bags and in our training in general, there is nothing to fix either. Every single step of the process to improve a skill is necessary. It can’t be thrown away or ignored, our current skill has to be exercised and developed. Our skills have to go through each and every rendition to be perfected, to be honed into the technical skill we desire. When competitive or recreational boxers come in, it is the same…….I want whoever their truest self is to emerge through their boxing. I want all their poor technical skills to show up and I want to work with them through each step as they develop increased skill. I don’t want to skip all that learning, and I don’t want to keep them from any step they encounter. They must experience every little discomfort, every single success on their own terms. For a competitive boxer this could mean they might train anywhere from 6 months to 18 months before they are capable of entering a sanctioned match.
But if a person is willing to embrace the process and never take their eye off their desired outcome, they will get there and they will get there without having to fix a thing.


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