Bullying: only a small snippet

Let me start this blog off with the simple fact I believe the principles of boxing training are the cure for most anything. If one would start a boxing regime, more self understanding can be obtained. With boxing training, one also develops patience, confidence and most importantly just the right amount of swag.

Now, on to Bullying.

Simply put, more often people are being mean to other people. I believe the meanness towards others starts within us. So I want to talk a little about the inner meanness. The bullying that goes on in our thoughts towards ourselves.

I watch it in my boxers a lot. They are training, working hard to get a technique and from my perspective doing exactly what it takes to take the steps to getting it down. But inside their heads, the put downs, the negativity, the berating, the frustration, simply put, the bullying. The self defeating thoughts….the “I can’t do this”… “Why am I so stupid?”…”I’m never going to get this right”…

These thoughts prevent us from learning, from opening up and letting others in. These thoughts don’t allow skill to develop. These thoughts make us more susceptible to getting hit clean. They create a delay in response and make it impossible to see the openings we should take. These thoughts also paralyze us and keep us stuck in the same patterns.

My hope is that as a community, we start look at our own bullying and then maybe, just maybe we can start impacting the bullying of others.

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