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Boxing as competition is a short lived adventure. Taking blows to the head keeps the years of competition participation down but boxing as a way of life lasts. It is a way of seeing the world. It gets in you and stays long after you hang up the gloves. Boxing training helps you make sense of interactions you have outside the ring. It helps you understand where you stand in relation to the world and others. Boxing isn’t a hobby or some fleeting interest. Boxing is the greatest teacher and expose of self.

I am thankful for the support of the gym community as boxer Jen Hamann has taken on her 1st and last Pro Boxing Bout and then the big match of brain surgery. All of our hours in the gym with you all makes us a tight knit family and I’m thankful for all the effort you guys put in to getting her into tip top shape for both these fights!

Right now she is with her family recovering and you can check on the Arcaro Boxing page for facebook updates.

Jenny was a big reason this gym opened up. She’s a big reason for the vibe you feel when you come in. She helped me out when I was teaching in the park and has been by my side through thick and thin. Jenny isn’t only a good boxer, she is a tremendous coach and leader. She has her own style to teaching and it really helps to have her viewpoint.

Keep Jenny in your thoughts as she takes on recovery with the same tenacity she takes on anything. She is a strong, vulnerable, inspirational and authentic person who brings a lot to our boxing family.

Get some rest champ, you have worked hard for it and we will see you around here when you are ready!

Box On!

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