Getting Boxed In

Recently I’ve discovered the world of pod casts.  I know I am a little late in the game, but listening to music all day in the gym finally got me searching around for other methods of entertainment in my down time.  One of my most favorite magazines is Tricycle, a Buddhist themed quarterly.  So, when I discovered the pod cast, I did a happy dance!  The inspiration for this blog came from a pod cast interview with Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara.

Buddhism to me is about self discovery, intimacy, awareness and community.  Boxing and Buddhism are always a perfect fit as I feel boxing is the physical expression of Buddhism.  No sport pushes you to know yourself as intimately as boxing does.

The personality we construct is the real barrier to knowing ourselves- Amy Gross

You have probably said or heard, “I’m the type of person…”  “I am an anxious person”, “I have poor flexibility”, “I’m a brawler”, “I’m a boxer/puncher” or a million other very definitive statements.  These statements lock us in.  These statements keep us from being anything other than what we have declared. They ignore the fluidity of life, the fluidity of the ring and the ability to change.  If you practice these thoughts every day, they will most assuredly show up when you are in the ring.

Marco Antonio Barrera has long been one of my most favorite boxers because of his ability to change his style during a round—- because of his ability to have the mental strength to adjust in the moment and make his body do what was needed to adjust to his opponent and capitalize on their inability to change.   Most of us can take years to change patterns we are locked into, Barrera could do it in minutes and sometimes seconds.

I encourage you to listen to yourself and others today.  Check out how many definitive, concrete statements are made that leave no room for change, adjustment and fluidity.  Check out how many of our statements defy the laws of the universe in motion!

And most importantly, remember to Box On!


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