Elsa’s Intern Presentation

Tonight I went to watch Arcaro Boxing’s recent intern, Elsa give her project presentation at school.  It is very bittersweet because I felt like I just got a chance to really meet her as she is becoming an independent adult and she is already on her way and off to college soon.

She gave a great presentation–looked confident, spoke clearly and from the heart.

I’ve known Elsa for about 9-10 years.  I have many emotions going through me thinking about all the years that have passed and all the interactions that I have had with her whole family.  They are very special to me and have really allowed me to be part of their lives as a coach.  I have certainly grown from my interactions with them and feel honored that they too have been impacted by me.  

I was so nervous to have Elsa intern for me because I’ve never done this type of mentoring before and I didn’t want to fail.  I wanted her parents to think highly of me and also have Elsa learn something meaningful.  So, I did what I always do…….first recognize I’m scared, tell anyone who would listen  that I was scared, listen to people’s advice, then take the big leap.  It was a good plan, because Elsa did the same thing in her own way, with her own style and we ended up learning a lot from each other as we took our own paths.

Elsa is a quiet, confident, charismatic force and a natural leader with a completely different style than I have.  I admire her approach to life.  She trusted me enough to know that she could be comfortable getting pushed into uncomfortable areas and for that I am extremely thankful.  

Elsa!  You did a fantastic job, brought a lot of new energy to the gym, helped me find new motivations and I already miss you!






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