Intern Wrap

It’s hard to believe that Elsa’s internship has come to an end.  It was a great experience working with her and one that hit me on many levels.  I’ve known her family for 11 years.  Seeing her approach adulthood is humbling and hard to believe.  I really liked getting to interact with her on a professional level and see who she’s become.  As she heads off to school, I can’t help but think of all the changes she is going to go through and wonder what it will be like when she returns for visits.  I am looking forward to seeing what she does and hope that boxing has been and will always be a huge influence.

Here is her final report!  Wish her well!

As our senior projects come to a close, we were asked by our English teacher to share what we believe defines work. I think this is a question that everyone should consider time to time. While the overarching definition of work is simply exerting force to reach a conclusion, there is open-endedness as to how one can exert that work. I find motivation and drive two important qualities that relate to this matter and can also determine how much work ones puts into things. From my internship, I don’t think my overall idea or inclination of work has changed, but I do think from this experience, I was able to get a new perspective on what commitment means to people and how work effects them. At Arcaro, Tricia mentioned, it is very hard to find down time or time to exercise for herself. She is constantly with clients or teaching classes and by the time it is over, she doesn’t want to workout in her own gym. I think that others can relate to these scenarios in their own work life. Motivation and drive are what keep people from being unhappy or feeling failure. Setbacks are what can test our determination and dedication towards work.

I think that this project overall is a smart way to end my high school career. Senior projects give us a taste of independence before we are completely immersed in it when fall rolls around and college no longer is an idea but our reality. This internship has been a learning experience and taught me a about time management and how much energy I put into each section of my life. Time management and balance between work, family time, social life, and other passions or hobbies are important, and finding that can be hard. From what I have observed both at my internship and outside of it, my understanding is that finding a balance between work and life outside of work is based upon commitment and prioritization.

When talking about work and the things that surround it, leadership came to mind. I mentioned this above but as a student and as a young adult who is undergoing a significant change in their life, this is a time where I am learning a lot about leadership and responsibility. This being my first “real” job experience, I can take away a lot that has the potential to propel my growth as a person and as a leader. There have been numerous times where my work has required me to be independent and having the ability to succeed without always leaning on others is something that is going to be very relevant as we seniors move away to college.

–Elsa Smith

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